Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dirt Bags are robbing the homes of the Colorado Firefighters.

So can you believe this one? Criminals are targeting the homes of firefighters fighting the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado Springs CO. for break-ins and robberies.

Is there a lower form of life than a scumbag that would rob the house of a firefighter fighting to keep them safe? This news makes me sick to my stomach. Should these dirt bags be apprehended I am struggling with ideas for a fitting punishment.

The notion of some form of burning or public flogging comes to mind. Nothing that would lead to death but defiantly something that included long periods of pain and humiliation.

Now I’m not sure if these same cockroaches are responsible for another heinous crime, but I suspect they are. The victims of the fire that had only moments to flee the raging fire were forced to grab what they could from their homes and leave.

Many have taken up residence in local hotels and motels and guess what, their vehicles are being targeted by thieves for break-ins as well. I am sure the criminal mind sees this as an amazing opportunity for reward. A reward that entitles them to a special place in hell.

I hope they enjoy the crack, heroin, crystal, or whatever it is they buy with suffering of other human beings. I also hope they overdose on it and contract HIV, hepatitis and sexually transmitted disease from the reckless sex they enjoy while high.

I hope they become haunted by visions of tormented souls and never rest in peace another day in their lives. I want them to have their drug addled minds filled with torment and anguish, I wish insanity and misery on their rotten souls that is assuming  animals like these have souls.

I simply can’t imagine how a person could do this. I think under these circumstances that forming a vigilante group to patrol the parking lots of these hotels and motels would be a reasonable response. It would allow the victims to sleep well and would allow a properly motivated group of people the chance to break some kneecaps.

I would gladly and lightly restrain these douchbags until the proper authorities could arrive. As a retired firefighter/paramedic I would be able to keep them alive until they could be incarcerated.

This so enrages me I am beside myself with anger. I can’t put into words how this strips me to my very core, how this insights my thoughts to violence as I am not a violent man. I spent my whole career helping strangers and even sometimes friends and just have no concept of this kind of behavior. I am shaking as I write this.

I will spend some time in prayer today for my friends, the victims and the criminals.

On another note a friend I talked to today asked if my daughters might have some clothing and toys to give to a 6 year old girl that had lost everything in the fire other than the clothes on her back. Another friend mentioned that at his son’s baseball game this morning there were two little boys that couldn’t play because all of their equipment had been destroyed by fire as well.

So I thought, how can I help? I came up with an idea. On July 14 2012 I am organizing a Christmas in July toy and clothing drive for the children that have lost everything to the fire.

Many of my friends in the media are already on board to help get the word out and the idea is exploding. I will keep you all posted on the event as it advances, so stay tuned.

Maybe I can help some good to come out of this terrible fire.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My home town Colorado Springs CO is on fire.

My home town Colorado Springs, Colorado is on fire. The beast known as the Waldo Canyon fire took three days to get here, but get here it did. Yesterday afternoon I stood in front of my house and watched as this beast clawed its way over a mountain ridge and then charged down the foothills and in to virgin territory.

It looked like a volcanic eruption the colors were intense black and brilliant orange, a true hell storm. I have seen many fires in many forms over my 30 year career, but never have I seen anything like this.

The sky on the entire southern horizon was blotted out with this surreal sci-fi effect. James Cameron himself couldn’t have created this illusion, but it was no illusion, it was real.

As the beast was inhaling one huge deep breath to feed itself the winds gusted to 65 miles per hour. You see as a plumb dominated fire takes a breath it sucks in all the available air around it the air rushes in at the base fans the flames and rushes upwards into the sky.

I watched as the beautiful blond hair of the tops of my daughters’ heads swung quickly to the left and the dust around us kicked up into their wide eyes.
“Is it gonna get us daddy?” they asked.
“No it isn’t going to get us.” I answered.

The terror on their faces although real was nowhere close to the real terror I knew was on the faces of many of my friends as they were fleeing for their lives. My friends were posting on facebook and the images they posted could have been taken by Satan himself.

I know the men and women fighting this fire, they are friends and colleagues and I know how many of them lived in the very neighborhood they were fighting the beast in. Their homes were burning right before their very eyes.

I can’t imagine watching your home own burn and as a firefighter being powerless to do anything about it. The firefighters had been deployed in mass into the threatened neighborhood, they were there at the ready and then the beast exploded.

A fire wall it is called. Imagine a wall of fire 100 feet high rushing directly at you at a speed of 65 miles per hour. The fire travels at the speed of the wind. The commander, a friend of mine I have known since the recruit academy, called for a bug out. In other words get the hell out as fast as you can. Something that goes contrary to ever instinct a firefighter has.

When we see the beast we are filled desire to kill it. We don’t run, we fight. But with a fire like this there is no sense in sacrificing our lives for a losing cause. So we regroup in a safe place away from the fire and wait. The flame wall will pass quickly and that is when we strike.

We slip around behind the beast and go right back in, and that is what they did. I listened to my old friends on a scanner; I knew the voices for I had heard them over the radios for many years.

I could hear the stress and the calmness in their voices all at the same time. I know these men and women and know the subtle little tells they emit. I read the coded language they use and I knew they were in the shit.

I heard one company commanded by a friend describe driving down a street with every home on both sides of the road on fire 40 homes they said, and I knew many of them were looking at their very own homes. Mind boggling.

I heard another voice my old Chief a man I know well a man that saved my butt on many occasions, and I heard him give a command. He told a strike force that they had to hold their position, that they could not let the fire pass. And I heard the dedication in the return communication.
“Holding the line Chief, roger that.”
You see when this man tells you to do it and tells you can do it, then you know you can do it and they did, the fire did not pass.

The Colorado Springs fire department is one of the very best departments in America set up to fight this kind of fire and they were powerless at that moment.

They will rally and they will beat this thing and they will never give up. These men and women are getting a life time worth of fire fighting experience in a matter of hours. They will talk about this for the rest of their lives and they will never fear the beast again. For they have seen it at its full fury and they didn’t flinch.

Over my career a good working fire in a single family residence was a pretty big deal, very exciting stuff to jump a good worker and go to work. I imagine for the rest of their careers now, a single family residence on fire will be much like a camp fire.

Colorado Springs will survive, we are a great community and strong Americans and we will come back. Pray for us and pray for our firefighters as they fight for their community and for themselves.