Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Change is coming.

I’ve been rethinking my blog now for awhile, as you can tell by my lack of posting. I chose to title I never wanted to be a firefighter because that was the subject that popped into my head the day I started blogging. I didn’t give it much thought and I thought it was a cheeky title.

I was a firefighter for over 30 years and that subject is a huge part of my life experience, but I never defined myself as a firefighter, that was my job it isn’t who I am. So I have decided I will still tell tales of my fire service career as I enjoy those but I am going to start sharing the many other things I have done in my life.

You may not know I have written more than 50 screenplays for Hollywood of those I have sold 4 and one was produced although I got no screen credit for it. I had a 3 picture deal with a production company on the Disney lot that bore no fruit but being on the lot at Disney is something I wish all of you could experience.

I was director of public relations for the Pikes Peak Auto Hillclimb for 12 years and had some amazing times in the world of professional auto racing. I stood on the race track at the Indy 500 holding an umbrella over Mario Andretti with only 12 minutes to go until the green flag was dropped.

I got to ride around the race track at Talladega in the pace car with Johnny Rutherford at over 150 miles per hour. I rode to the summit of Pikes Peak with 6 times champion John Crawford and was terrified the whole way.

I was a professional stand-up comic for more than 3 years and worked with many big names in the stand-up business. I gave Roseanne Barr rides to Denver to do shows at comedy clubs in Denver. I have played basketball with Sinbad and was very glad he was on my team as he could have been a professional basketball player. I did drugs with people that are now household names.

I teach screenwriting at the University of Colorado and a course on the business of Hollywood. I have met many movie stars and had some very interesting exchanges with some. I nearly got in a fist fight with Dennis Quaid one night when I was drinking at a premier of one of his new movies and insulted his acting and on another occasion insulted Kevin Costner and called him a loser.

I have had an amazing life and done many crazy things. So I will continue to share my experiences as a firefighter but I will be adding other tales along the way. I am also starting a new fiction novel titled the Last Tattoo and will be sharing excerpts of the work as it progresses.

Please bear with me as I go on this journey but I need to change it up to keep my fire burning. I can’t write from the light of a smoldering ember of a single past career, I need the bright light of a hot flame to continue.


avgjoegeek said...

Wow.. that is nuts. When I first read this I thought you were finally going to take the plunge to a self hosted site and change things up tech wise!

But I would like to read about your other exploits! Always fun to read your antics lol.

Jenn said...

Hi Tim *Waves* You know-- I haven't been blogging much either--and I haven't been reading much-- I guess I've needed a break from the computer. So if I have missed some great posts, I apologize.

However, reading this-- I'm now LOOKING FORWARD to reading about these other adventures of your life!! They sound like a dream world from where I sit. I've only met two movie stars and one country singer and my encounters were generally brief and forgettable. I can't wait to read more--as I've definitely never called a movie star a loser. LOL. WOW!! he he. Glad to see your back...looking forward to more :)

Cheers, Jenn.

Fireman said...

Thanks Jason and Jenn, I'll still do fireman stuff, but why not try something new?