Saturday, July 21, 2012

Colorado Cries Uncle!

Colorado cries Uncle! I believe I am not alone in asking why has so much tragedy fallen on Colorado? I watched my city burn just a few weeks ago and have dozens of friends trying to find a way back to a normal life after losing everything they owned.

I was directly affected by the Waldo Canyon fire in many ways and am still involved with efforts to help my home town recovery from this event. Then I heard about the shootings in Denver and thought what the hell is happening around here. But felt rightly or wrongly that although tragic at least it didn’t claw its way into my life.

Small world after all, turns out my family is affected by the shootings to the north. My cousin was married years ago to a lady who has since remarried. She has remarried and her new husband is the brother of the woman who brought her 6 year old to the movie and was killed.

She herself is pregnant and was wounded as well, not sure of her condition or the condition of the child she carries. How dreadful and tragic. As I learned of this fact my first question was why in the world had they taken their 6 year old to a midnight movie in the first place?

I’m not judging anyone here, I am a single parent with three children, all older than this child and I don’t think I would take my two daughters to this movie at all, let alone in the wee hours of the morning. I will allow my teenage son to go with his buddies but not to a midnight showing.

I hope to hear later from family what the circumstances were and will relate them if and when I hear back. Maybe they had a babysitter arranged and had already spent the money on tickets and the babysitter bailed out on them. That would be a lot of money to throw away if you live on a budget like mine. So maybe bring the child along was a way to save money. I know when mine were that age they could sleep through anything and maybe that was the plan.

Maybe this is a habit they have as a family, maybe they so love Batman that they just couldn’t wait, I don’t know.

On another note, I have another cousin that works in the jail where the freak show that is James Holmes is being held and is the former sister-in-law of the woman related to the shooting victim.

While the jailers were talking amongst themselves one of her co-workers said that he and his wife were all set to attend the very showing where the shooting took place, but changed their minds at the last minute when his wife got a weird feeling about going to the show and asked her husband if they could skip and go at another time.

Good feeling I’d say. So although I believed I had no connection to the shootings other than being a human sickened by this act it turns out it has had a direct effect on my family and will continue to be a sad part of our families life.


Joyce Lansky said...

It truly is a tragedy. I can't imagine what would turn a medical student into a mass murderer. There is nothing funny about this "Joker." May he rot in prison for many years.

Fireman said...

Thanks Joyce I agree, I'd even consider the death penalty.

Jenn said...

Justice needs to be done in this situation. Whether death penalty, life sentence, I don't care--but make him pay for what he did. I'm good with a firing squad.

Cheers, Jenn

Kathy said...

I agree on all counts. Justice needs to be served and the death penalty should be exercised in his case. He certainly didn't care who he killed when he went in there shooting away.


Anonymous said...

Nice to be back visiting your blog, Tim!

Yes, the tragedy and horror of it all. I've never had any desire to go to a midnight showing. In my younger days, it was all about being out at midnight. Now, I like being under the covers and fast asleep, at that time.

Interesting, about the woman who had a gut feeling about not going anywhere. I'm a believer in those "listen to your feelings" moments.

How in the heck are these maniacs able to get a hold of all these fire arms! I don't get it. Where are the red flags? Anyway...nice post.

Fireman said...

Hi Jenn, Kathy and Linda and thanks for reading. Sorry about my break, but happy to be back. I have heard even more strangeness about this it doesn't make sense.

Cara Membesarkan said...

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