Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to Meet and Date Firefighters.

Okay so I am well into my new book and have been considering titles for it since is a “How To” book. Because I am targeting a female market I wanted to ask a favor of my female readers. I am going to offer a list of potential titles and ask you to select the one you feel would best fit the book.

A little background on the book, last April I wrote a series of posts about how to meet and date a firefighter. There were a total of five posts that ranged in titles from Secrets to Dating a Firefighter, to Top 10 Tips on Dating a Firefighter.

Well in nearly a year these posts continue to be the most viewed and commented on posts for my blog. I get many questions from women that are presently in a relationship with a Fireman, and want some pointers, have been in a relationship with a Fireman or want to know more on how to catch one of these apparently illusive creatures.

So the book is a practical guide or how to book for meeting, dating and maybe even marrying one of the boys in blue. I am going to offer a selection of titles and am asking my female (or male) friends to place their favorite or even suggested title change in the comments. So thanks ahead of time.

·         How to Meet and Date a Firefighter: You don’t have to call 911 to do it!
  You Don’t Have to Set Your House on Fire to Meet a Firefighter: Tips for Meeting and Dating Firefighters.
            How to Meet, Date, and Even Marry a Firefighter. Secrets of Unnatural Selection.
            How to Catch and Keep a Firefighter: Secrets to Meeting and Dating a Firefighter.
           What to do After You Catch a Firefighter: Secrets of Dating Firefighters.
           What to Expect When You are Dating a Firefighter.
           The Proper Care and Feeding of a Firefighter: How to Meet and Date a Firefighter.


Lorinda J Taylor said...

That's pretty funny, actually! I'm an old lady and so not really looking for anybody, but I would say that all your titles are too long. "How to Meet and Date a Firefighter" as the subtitle, but the title ought to be short and punchy, like "Hot Stuff! How to Meet ... " Or "Keep on Truckin'! How to ... " I wouldn't necessarily use either of those, but you get the point.

Fireman said...

Hey Lorinda, you are not an old lady! You are a gift.
Most of the titles are short, I should have changed the font size on everything after the Colon so you would know they are subtitles. Thanks for playing.

Jenn said...

I like the first title without the "How To" there. But creatively speaking I would go with "Smokin!" and subtitle it "A Guide to Dating Firefighters". You know-- have the book cover "Smoking" be in a smoky font or something. LOL.

I wish you much success in publishing your book!

Cheers, Jenn

Fireman said...

Thanks Jenn, all input is welcome and I am listening.