Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How do you find that Firefighter to date?

It has been mentioned to me that I haven’t told you where to find your firefighter, good point, you have to find one to date one, so here are some tips on where the best hunting is.

The most obvious is of course the firehouse its’ self that is after all where your allusive prey lives. But how do you make an approach short of an actual emergency? This one is very simple and I will take through some real world experiences I participated in or observed first hand.

First off you can be either random or pre planned. I’ll use a shopping analogy to be more helpful as I believe shopping is something women are already good at naturally.

You can impulse shop, just literally go to any random store (read fire station) and see what is on sale that day, you don’t need any real clear idea of what you are after. You aren’t shopping for to use a Sex in the City reference "Manolo Blahnik" shoes. You are just shopping.

Now in retail salespeople are going to be happy to see you just walk in the door. At the fire station if you are an eligible woman (or for that matter any citizen we are by nature helpful people) and you show up we are going to try and discover what your need is and how we can help.

Here is your cover story, you need directions to someplace. Think about it for a moment, who knows the streets better than firefighters and we have maps. Do a little research; either go big or small but not common in your request.

For example don’t ask about an easy obvious street, you will immediately be perceived as a bubblehead. But do ask for say a short cut to the nearest highway or if you know an obscure little street ask about that. We won’t find fault in that request and many options will be suggested.

Pay attention to who is helping you, if you present yourself in just a tiny bit of sexy apparel and a splash of perfume the single alphas will present themselves. The married will as well but they will defer to the single guys (unless they are one of those guys and you don’t want them anyway) and be helpful but not aggressive.

Don’t use the absence of a wedding ring here as an indicator of material status, many guys don’t wear their bands at work as they tend to get hung up on stuff and rip your finger off.

You will have the full attention of the entire crew. Now shop. Is there anything you want to try on? Do you see anything in your size? If the answer is yes you know what to do. Show the salesman some interest in the product.

Remember these guys are working at a base level their senses at work are elevated, they’ll be cooperative. You may get an offer on a sale price right then. Here is a simple leave behind it’s called in sales. Ask this question of the man you want more interaction with.
“If I get lost can I call you guys for more help?”

Being the helpful lads they are you will see a flurry of pens removed from pockets. Now you have to decide at this point how much of a damsel in distress do you want to be? There is fine line between bubblehead and innocent. Don’t get me wrong some of these guys are only qualified for bubbleheads, after all they do run into burning buildings for a living, how sharp can they be?

So if you want to go bubblehead you can offer your phone number just in case you get cut off during a follow-up call. Because as soon as you are gone there will be an extensive discussion as to why you provided your number and who you gave it to.

They may run into burning buildings but they aren’t stupid and collectively they will come to the idea the number was left behind for the very purpose we are discussing here, you want a call from that guy. They’ll get there.

He’ll call you to see if you made it successfully to your destination. So take it from there he is on the hook.

But maybe you don’t want to be that overt, you aren’t comfortable with that much exposure. So just get the number to the station for your preplanned follow-up call, pay attention to the name tags, you want to either have “him” answer the phone or be able to request him by name when you call back.

Don’t worry about asking for him by name. First the guy answering the phone has no clue who you are when you call, second the guy you are asking for was more than likely the most helpful at the beginning. If he wasn’t, when you get him on the phone he isn’t going to ask you why you asked for him, he is going to get it, and if he does, just say his name was the only one you remembered.

Now it’s up to you, if interested he will do his part just lead him a little bit. If he isn’t interested you will know that as well, he won’t be rude, but he will be matter of fact and offer as little conversation as possible. Now let it go so you can prepare for your next move.

Your guy may be a bit slow out of the gates and lack the confidence to continue the hunt. Here is a simple follow-up, you need to know what shift he is on, just ask, say you want to tell the chief how impressed you were with how helpful his guys were, and you want to show your appreciation.

Next time his crew is on duty drop in and bring some cookies or some sweet to them. Another tip here, if you are a health nut about the way you eat and diet now is not a good time to show that. Don’t bring these men a low-cal, low-carb, high fiber, unsweetened, loaf of nuts and barriers. Okay? They will accept it with smiles, wait for you to leave, and then force the new guy to try it. When he rejects it will go in the trash.

Next time I’ll cover more strategies for finding your guy.   


Jenn said...

You just made me realize that I need to pray that God take me before my husband--because there is no way I ever want to go shopping again! HA HA. Seriously...uhm...I can just hear one of the firemen going, "what about your onboard GPS system there?" LOLOL.

Although after my stint in June-- I went up to the fire station to thank the paramedics who took me in. I brought them some pizza, breadsticks, wings and dessert. Now that was a way to get to know them all---which was great because they were so happy and took to scarfing down all that food (maybe the anticipated a busy night?).

Cheers, Jenn.

Fireman said...

You don't know how much that means to us Jenn, we rarely get any kind of follow-up on our patients so to see a survivor is a real treat. The food of course is always appreciated too. I very glad you did that. :D

November Rain - k~ said...

Heheheh, that is very clever Tim. I'm with Jenn though, I would probably just find a reason to appreciate them and bring food ;-)

Fireman said...

And that is great Rain, we will always accept gifts of food that we can get fat on. Hahahhah